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Sessions Music is a revolutionary, new concept dedicated to helping people of all ages and skill levels achieve their modern and classical music dreams. By incorporating individual lessons, band programs, workshops, music technology, and live music performance opportunities, our music education program is truly unique and more effective than our competitors. We develop an individualized plan for each music student with the goal of helping them learn to play the guitarbass guitardrumspianovoice, and classical instruments. We provide individual and band musical development as well as performance coaching to prepare our students to perform in public. Our programs range from innovative and effective music lessons (guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, etc) to fun band programs. All of Sessions programs are offered in your house, at your convenience, from a passionate, background-checked educator. In every music program we offer, we strive to provide a customized structure that suits your individual learning style. Sessions is proud to feature public performance opportunities as a way for our students to share their music to the world. These performances are free of charge to Sessions’ Students and are at Houston area venues, businesses, parks, festivals, and more! We are far more than just music lessons!

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Enjoy YourMusic Education

At Sessions Music, we believe that music lessons and education needs to be fun for a student to be actively engaged and progress. Students who actively perform and play with other musicians stay more engaged and progress much quicker, not to mention have more fun! Sessions provides fun and challenging performance opportunities around Houston as well as organizing interested students in group programs such as bands! Our customized curriculum assures that you will be learning with the music that you listen to! Stop learning with “Three Blind Mice” when you could be learning with Greenday. Whether you are taking guitar lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons, voice lessons, or more, it will be all about you!

Get out there, perform!

Would you practice with a football team for months to not play a game? Or prepare a science fair presentation and not participate in the show? Of course you wouldn’t! At Sessions Music, we feel music is the same way. Performing is part of the fun!  That is why we provide for all of our students performance opportunities at Houston area theaters, venues, festivals and businesses. All performance opportunities are optional. Some opportunities are by audition only and are fantastic goals for our students to aspire too. We also host, twice a year, a fantastic performance open to all students, regardless of skill or age. This is called Sessions LIVE! All performance opportunities are entirely free to participate!

Dedicated Music Studio

By design, the Sessions studio facilities is located in an upscale retail environment to provide a safe and clean environment for our students. Students taking lessons at home have full access to our studio’s private rehearsal rooms and larger band rooms, depending on availability. No other at home music lessons provider offers two dedicated studios for their students to utilize! All you have to do is call in and reserve a room, it’s just that easy!

Our Digital Portal

Keeping in touch with your teacher can be a challenge through out the week! You may have questions, comments, or just want to show off your practice. Sessions Music provides all of our at home lesson students (and their parents) with a digital portal where they can share and communicate with their instructor through out the week. Instructors will also be sharing quarterly progress reports and updates with families through these portals!

Experience the Difference at Sessions Music

For all of these reasons and so much more, we feel that your experience with Sessions will be unlike any other houston music school. We strive to provide the highest in customer service and to set the bar at a new level for resources for learning, practicing and performing modern music. Want to try it out? Come in or contact us and schedule a trial lesson now and see the difference in person!

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Dedicate Studio?YesNoNoNoNoNo
Performances?MonthlyNoNoNoNoTwice A Year
Background Checks?YesNot On AllNone StatedNone StatedYesYes
Band Programs?YesNoNoNoNoNo
Music Dedicated?YesNoYesYesNoYes
Digital Portal?YesYesNoNoNoNo
BBB Accredited?YesNoYesNoYesYes