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At Home Music Lessons at Sessions Music couldn’t be easy to start! Simply call us, write us, or come visit us and we will get the process started! Our experienced staff will work with you every step of the way to make sure you have the perfect instructor at the perfect time! And our convenient rescheduling will allow you to work around even the busiest schedules. Flexibility is the name of the game! Now is the time to start!



Home Piano Lessons

1. Contact Sessions Music. Give us a call, shoot us a message, or just stop by one of our convenient locations. Our friendly, experienced staff will take your information, including style preferences and scheduling requirements, and begin working to find you the perfect educator. 

2. Follow Up Call. Sessions Music will call you back (or email if you prefer) and tell you about scheduling availabilities and the perfect instructor. You are welcome at anytime to come into our studio and meet several instructors. Once you meet them, you will be convinced!

3. Schedule A Demo Lesson. Found the perfect time? The perfect instructor? Now schedule a demo lesson! Your Sessions educator will come to your house for your first lesson. You (or your student) will discuss with our instructor specific goals, likes, desires and develop a unique plan. Demo lessons are $35 and there is no commitment.

4. Enroll! Ready to get to work? Now is the time to enroll for 4 30-minute lessons a month for one low price. There are no contracts and no commitments (also no enrollment fees if you took a demo lesson!). 

5. Become a master. Sessions Music will stay in-touch with you every step of the way. We will be updating you with seasonal performance calendars, new programs, and special events. Got a request, concern, comment? We’ll be there to help you at every point. If you should ever need to change instructors or programs, this can be done at no charge, at any point! You will receive quarterly progress reports to benchmark progress.


Being A StudentWith Sessions



  • Flexibility. All we need is 24 hour warning for us to reschedule your lesson for no additional cost! We want to work around your schedule. You can reschedule far in advance if you know of a conflict in the future! 
  • Perform. Our students who perform regularly improve faster and stay more dedicated! We will keep you updated on the upcoming performances and events so you can stay active in the Sessions community and show off your talent!
  • Make Changes. Need a new time? An instructor with a different style? Or want to learn another instrument? Let us know. We are happy to work with you to make sure your Sessions experience is perfect!

Not ready to commit to purchasing an instrument? We can bring the instruments for the lesson! For guitar, piano (keyboard), bass, and violin we would be happy to bring instruments for the lesson. We are not able to bring a full drum set but can make use of your drum set for drum lessons. Piano lessons can also be given on a piano you currently have in the house (or keyboard). 



RecentlyClients say

  • Lorraine R.
    My daughter has been with Sessions Music from the start Sept  2011 doing voice and piano.  Loves doing live performances and with encouragement from tutors challenging herself to try various musical types.  Staff is very helpful when lessons need to be rescheduled.   I've seen a lot of kids and adults grow their musical talents and they improve with every show. - Lorraine R.
  • Tulay S.
    Very nice people in a very professional environment with high ethical standards. Highly recommend! - Tulay S.
  • Shannon H.
    My children all take lessons at Sessions now for a year and a half on both guitar, piano, voice, band and violin. We are very pleased with them and Hanna is a fantastic instructor! I would recommend Sessions to anyone,  a great environment and wonderful instructors! I also love that they get the childern playing in and around Houston! - Shannon H.

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