ClassicalMusic Lessons

Violin Lessons. Cello Lessons. Viola Lessons. Saxophone Lessons. Flute Lessons. Clarinet Lessons. Piano Lessons. Trumpet Lessons. More! Classical music lessons have long had a bad reputation. Boring, uninspired, draconian. But at Sessions Music, at home classical music lessons are intended to be fun and engaging while still teaching world-class musicianship!


Classical Instruments


Home String (Violin, Viola, Cello) Lessons

Classical strings can be intimidating! We’ve all seen the masters and thought “no way I could do that!”. Well, with practice, dedication, and a world-class instructor, that could be you! Start learning violin, viola, or cello in a fun and engaging way now!Price plans

Home Classical Piano Lessons


Piano lessons are an excellent starting point for any aspiring musicians. The visual lay out of the keyboard and the simplicity of pushing the keys creates an instrument that is immediately accessible. The problem most young learners face is boredom. Sessions Music’s modern piano lessons utilize the music our students love while teaching music theory and the technical skills any piano player needs! Price plans

Home Horn and Woodwind Lessons

Whether you are practicing for band, orchestra, or just for your own personal enjoyment, Sessions Music is the perfect way to perfect your skills. We can tailor your lessons in preparation for auditions and UIL tryouts.Price plans

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