ModernMusic Lessons

Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, Voice Lessons, Piano Lessons, Drum Lessons. Modern music lessons are one of the best ways to introduce a young learner to music! In Sessions At Home Modern Music Lessons, students will take private, one-on-one lessons on modern instruments, playing their favorite music while still learning music theory! Our lessons are entirely designed for each unique learning, incorporating their favorite music and styles to make sure to keep the lessons fun and engaging!


Modern Instruments


Home Guitar Lessons

Guitar is often the most common instrument requested by young learners but it’s association with pop/rock music often scares serious learners away. Guitar lessons with Sessions Music are designed to be fun and modern, while still maintaining serious music education, from reading to music theory. While guitar educators are easy to find, it takes a very experienced educator to truly find the musical (and fun!) value in the guitar.Price plans

Home Piano Lessons


Piano lessons are an excellent starting point for any aspiring musicians. The visual lay out of the keyboard and the simplicity of pushing the keys creates an instrument that is immediately accessible. The problem most young learners face is boredom. Sessions Music’s modern piano lessons utilize the music our students love while teaching music theory and the technical skills any piano player needs! We also teach classically-focused piano lessons.Price plans

Home Voice Lessons

We’ve all done it, caught ourselves singing too loudly to the radio or in the shower. But rarely do aspiring musicians think of the voice as an instrument that needs to be perfected and practiced. Most people also think “you either have it” or you “don’t” when it comes to the ability to sing. Sessions Music’s at home voice lessons disagrees with that statement and believes ANYONE can be a vocalist. Our at home voice lessons are fun and engaging yet deeply rooted in the musicality of the voice! We also teach classical voice at home lessons.Price plans

Home Drum Lessons


Drum lessons are the most tangible, kinesthetic instrument to learn which lends them to being a fantastic starting out point for aspiring musicians. And just because drums aren’t “tonal” doesn’t mean that a strong background in rhythm and music theory aren’t needed in drum lessons. Sessions at home drum lessons are great for beginners and advanced drummers alike. *Drum set at student’s location is required. Price plans



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